If I choose to pick up my merchandise will it all be assembled?

Many of our customers choose to pick up their merchandise from our warehouse storage location in King of Prussia. It is totally free of charge but it must be set up by appointment. Since our products are shipped unassembled from the factory, the customer will be responsible for final assembly. Warehouse personnel will assist in loading merchandise on your vehicle, however we are not responsible for damages that occur during transport or unloading.

Where is your warehouse?

Our warehouse is located in King of Prussia PA. The warehouse hours are Monday-Sunday from 10:00AM-9:00PM

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes. The delivery charge varies depending on the distance and location of your home or facility.  We can delivery at a 50 mile radius from our location in King of Prussia. Please check our shipping page for additional information

Can I mix and match dining table and chairs?

Yes, customers may mix and match any one of the dining tables with the choice of chairs to their liking.  Please call us or email us for a price quote on mix and match. We will put a special package together for you with your choice of dining table and chairs.

What if I want a 3 or 4 piece set instead of a 5 piece bed set?

All bed sets can be mix & matched according to your needs. Just email us or call us for your order pricing.  All beds are available in Queen or King size. Customers may also add additional items such as an additional night stand, chest or a  media stand. We can put a package together for your needs.

How long does it take for shipping?

Orders are placed every Monday at a weekly bases.  It then takes 3-4 business days to reach our warehouse in King of Prussia.  Once at our warehouse, they are dispatched the same day or the day and time set by our customers.