Terms and Conditions

  • All sales require a completed payment at time of order. If you cannot pay online or over the phone, cash payments can be accepted at our warehouse location by appointment.
  • Credit card payments can be placed online or over the phone.
  • We use Paypal Secure checkout for all payments made over the phone and online.
  • All payment transactions online and over the phone are protected and backed up PayPal Purchase protection.
  • Shipping:  After customer receives shipment / pick-up, we will not be responsible for any damages.
  • It is customer’s responsibility to make correct measurements of all entrances, stairways & each room dimensions where the furniture will be set up. Any wear, tear, or damage to the furniture due to the customer is not our responsibility.
  • PayPal Purchase Protection.

    With PayPal, you’re protected from checkout to delivery. We spot problems before they happen with the latest anti-fraud technology. Your financial info is never given away to sellers. And if something goes wrong with your order, your eligible transactions will be fully reimbursed.